Cleaning accessaries and ornamental fish bowl

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First of all wipe the ornamental fish bowl with clean cotton cloth to remove dirt and grease if any.

Next the bowl, holding container, decorative materials and the bottom stones are to be washed and cleaned thoroughly.
 Special care is to be taken in washing the gravel and stones as lot of mud and dirt may be sticking on to them, giving muddy look to the water in the container.
 Use clean hot water and mild liquid soap. Rinse thoroughly to remove all traces of liquid soap.
Never use any product containing chlorine or disinfectant as they may turn out to be highly harmful to the pet, if any remnant sticks on.
 Use of hot water removes any type of oil that might have contaminated the gravel or the decorative pieces.
Rinse several times with clean water. Wipe and dry the ornamental fish bowl with clean cotton cloth to remove all the water drops adhering to it without allowing it to dry by itself.
Allow the gravel, stones and the decorative material to dry well in the sun light.
 Otherwise, if it is allowed dry by itself, in the meantime atmospheric dust will settle on the wet spots and when dry can give spotty appearance.
An ornamental fish bowl after setting it.
This will ensure that later on when you fill the ornamental fish bowl with water no dirt spots will be visible both inside and outside of it.