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'Ornamental fish' as the meaning denotes, are show pieces kept at homes.
They also come under the broader category of 'pets'.
Though the term 'aquarium pets' is the term used to denote these small pets kept at home; nowadays it is being replaced by the term 'ornamental fish'.
All small water living animals of class Pisces (fish) which are kept as pets and as decorative pieces can be called ornamental fish.
However the rarity of these small fish, their and manageability makes them more preferable for being kept as pets. Colours, shapes and variety of these small fish are predominant criteria for home aquarium. Experienced aquarium keepers prefer to go in for rare species and varieties of ornamental fish.
Certain types of these small ornamental pets require special environments for their health and survival.
There are many of these small fish from tropical regions, which require maintenance of the water temperature in the aquarium if kept in colder climates.
Similarly those small aquarium pets with origin of colder region will get in to distress if the temperature rises above the optimum.
Similarly some of them prefer lower pH(acidic waters) whereas some thrive well in higher pH(alkaline waters).
 There are marine aquarium types which require the sea water for their survival. Nowadays cock tails of sea water salts in the powder form are available and sea water can be manufactured at home.
Some of the small freshwater aquarium pets tolerate medium salinity (saltiness) of water.
Ornamental fish like any other animal also breathe and they take the dissolved oxygen from the the water.
As the requirement of oxygen vary with species and size, care has to be taken to provide aerators in the aquarium.
 These small aquarium pets have to be kept in a displayable container with at least one of the sides with transparency.
These containers(aquarium) come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. Some of the ornamental fish like koi carp are better displayed in bigger ground tanks.

As these are being kept in confined area close watch for the environmental pollution must be done.
  Food habits of these small pets vary and there are carnivores, plankton eaters, detritus feeders and omnivores.
A variety of feeds are available in the feed stores and some types of feed are specific to certain species of these ornamental fish pets.
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