Ornamental goldfish betta fish bowl cleaning - partial cleaning

Need for fish bowl cleaning > Required materials > Partial process > Total cleaning process
Ornamental fish bowl require regular water exchange and cleaning to keep the fish healthy.
Partial ornamental fish bowl cleaning and water exchange can be done in the case of a large bowl holding large volume of water. However total cleaning and replacement of water is necessary in the next cycle.
Partial cleaning of ornamental fish bowl
  • If the ornamental Betta fish bowl is quite large partial cleaning can be done. However the next fish bowl cleaning must be total.
  • Plan ahead and keep water treated for chlorine/chloramine ready in the room. If you are going to use bottled drinking water see to it that it is not deionized, R.O.processed or distilled.
  • Keeping the water to be used for replacement in the same room as the ornamental Betta fish bowl ensures that the temperature of the this is same as that in the bowl.
  • Water is siphoned off to reduce the level to 50% of the original volume in fish bowl.
  • If you have an air filter in the ornamental Betta bowl turn it off so that bottom debris of food and fecal matter will loosen up and get siphoned easily.
  • While siphoning ensure that, the excretory waste and food debris at the bottom are also carefully siphoned off; care must be taken so as not to churn up the bottom.
  • The water must be collected into a container so that if any ornamental fish gets siphoned out by mistake does not go into the drain directly.
  • The free end of the syphon must be at the very bottom of the collection container. If any fish gets siphoned off by mistake it will not suffer a fall.
  • As the level goes down and the side gets exposed, keep cleaning the exposed area with paper towels and algae scrapper without allowing it to dry up. If the algal slime dries up it may become stubborn and stick to the side.
  • Scrap the dry evaporation marks with razor blade (plastic razor for acrylic bowl) if they are stubborn. Care must be taken not to scrub too hard as it lead to scratch marks.
  • Once the level is reduced by 50% and scrubbing is complete have the air filter going. It will to some extent keep the remnants of bottom debris stuck to the gravel.
  • Then add the treated and aged water slowly so as not to stir up the bottom. This must be done very carefully. As you fill, hold a spoon or a plate at the surface to deflect the water flow from hitting the bottom.
  • In partial Betta bowl cleaning, all the bottom waste does not get fully removed. So, while filling up the level if the bottom gets stirred up the remaining debris may sometimes float up making the water cloudy making the whole process wasteful.
  • Leave at least 20% air space at the top to have more surface area at the top. this will help more air to dissolve into the water.
  • Wipe the outside of the Betta bowl of dust and finger prints to increase its transparency.
Keep a record of your actions to keep track and to schedule your next ornamental fish bowl cleaning.

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